Joanna Oliver Botanical Plate

Joanna Oliver

Joanna Oliver Botanical Plate

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After a degree in Graphic Design and as an Art Director in London, Joanna eventually found ceramics and started life as a potter at Standpoint Studios in Hoxton under the guidance of Nicola Tassie. Subsequently, Joanna set up her own studio in South Oxfordshire.

As a small child Joanna loved making mud pies, not much has changed. Potting has all the same pleasures for her plus the bonus of being able to make something functional too.

There’s real alchemy involved with glazing, the unfired glaze bearing no comparison to the fired one. Glaze recipes are generously shared between potters – some that Joanna uses are oriental and have been in use for a thousand years. In particularly Joanna likes to use ash glazes.  This involves gathering certain wood types from the countryside around her and then reducing them to ash in the stove. Washed and sieved they become the all important ingredient.

Joanna works in various stonewares and porcelain and makes beautiful, yet functional pieces to enjoy.

34 cm diameter