Agalis Manessi Plaquette - Gertler's Girl

Agalis Manessi

Agalis Manessi Plaquette - Gertler's Girl

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Agalis Manessi studied at the Central School of Art under a host of influential teachers: Gordon Baldwin, Gillian Lowndes to name a few. The British Museum with its abundance of ceramics from the earliest time through a succession of cultures and civilisations, including Agalis's own Greek roots enhanced her ceramic education.

Inspiration for the work comes from many historical sources, a fusion of a Mediterranean heritage and annual travels across Europe to London. Ideas are drawn from the experience of viewing subjects in churches, museums and galleries and observations directly from life.

The process involves coils of clay rolled out, joined and pitched between the fingers evolve into a range of forms' vessels, dishes and platters. Animals and figures are modelled from solid clay squeezed into shape to give life to the nascent for before being hollowed and fired. Next is glazing with the white tin glaze and painted to reveal their final character.

21.5 x 16 cm