Not Everything Is About The Landscape

A sense of place, rooted in an appreciation of the landscape that an artist roams in, is  generally cited as an inspiration for the work the artist creates. Although, this approach may persuade the viewer to see and experience, what the artist was feeling at the time, it rarely paints the whole picture. 

Sometimes works are created for no particular reason in mind. Works exist as an entity in their own right. They are, as they should be. The viewer can make the interpretation. Does knowing the whole backstory make one like the work more or less?

In this exhibition we have artists, Ali Holloway, create works that are inspired by walks and landscape, there are also works by the same artist that have more to do with words, rather than landscape. 'If I Could Tell You' is such a work, drawing inspiration of the poem by W.H. Auden. You will not be able to decipher it in the weave but it is there. 

Jane Ponsford's oeuvre is pulp and making sculptural works, using this medium. Cotton rag is used as pulp in almost all of the sculptural pieces on show here. We could say that all of her work is connected to nature, hence the landscape. However, the works in this exhibition also relate to time. Time as a conduit to movement and taking form, the textures evolving from a single material.

Catarina Riccabona, for a long time has been weaving with the environment and the textile industry's impact on it, at the forefront of her mind. Even at the beginning of her practice, she has used recycled yarns to create her signature textiles. Her latest work combines paper yarn in the warp and a combination of raffia and paper yarns in the weft, hence creating a more sculptural quality to the wall hangings.