Ruth Dresman Shallow Bowl - Swallows

Ruth Dresman

Ruth Dresman Shallow Bowl - Swallows

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Ruth Dresman makes vessels in coloured glass, with sandblasted design which emphasise the colour transparency and translucency of the material. She has evolved a distinctive technique which is exclusive to her studio, based on the controlled removal of layers of coloured glass to describe her designs.

Certain themes are recurrent in her work: many of her images are submarine: fish, octopus, seaweed and shells, which suit the transparency of glass and the glimpses it affords of designs made on opposite surfaces of the vessels. She also enjoys observing animals, birds, flowers, leaves and seeds, and translating their forms and their textures into her works. Ruth's medium is not only glass, but light: she designs the way light travels through her pieces, achieving great depth of colour and piercing highlights of pure transparency.

Ruth has pieces in the collections of H.M. The Queen and H.R.H. The Sultan of Brunei, among others

Handblown glass, sandblast etched motif, signed 'Dresman'

25 cm in diameter