Portrait of Agalis Manessi

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My first communication with Agalis was when I emailed her to see if she might be interested in taking part in the inaugural exhibition of a new gallery I was hoping to open in the autumn. I had seen Agalis's work last year when I visited an exhibition in Surrey and was blown away by it's immediate impact on me. Her plates and the painted images on them spoke of lives lived. The faces had expression, some showed vulnerability, others defiance. A knowing look here and wistful look there, the faces came alive and made me want to get to know them better. Who was Isabella Blow, where did she get that beautiful green hat with the feathers from? What's the story behind Emile Flöge's haunting look of defiance? Each portrait has a story to tell but I had to do the work to find out more. I will share the stories with you in the following few weeks.

I met Agalis for the first time when collecting her work. I was struck by how elegant she was, softly spoken, a quiet confidence and thoughtfulness shining through. TOAST magazine has done a marvellous profile on Agalis and background to her work which I would like to share;

Agalis Manessi Toast Portraits

More stories on the women behind the portraits and maiolica coming soon.


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