Clive Davies Studio Stoneware Vase

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Clive Davies Studio Stoneware Vase

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Clive Davies has made pots for over fifty years and has become very well known for the making of high fired colourful stoneware pieces. He initially found inspiration from potters such as Michael Cardew, Mick Casson, Ray Finch and David Leach. However, the colourful stoneware pieces made by Janice Tchalenko became more influential as time passed by. Clive has managed to expand his palette of colours having completed endless glaze tests over many years. He enjoys the ability to make them run and merge with other glazes as well as creating a contrast where a stiff and static melt is also achieved. He has exhibited at our gallery for over twenty-five years. We first became aware of his work when a photograph of jug with tulips appeared on the front of Ceramic Review in the early 1990s. His work continues to be purchased by long established collectors and by new buyers both at home and abroad.

14.5 x 9.5 cm